Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

GetHealthBar knows the importance of privacy of personal users and their information. GetHealthBar only collects a few data to provide a better service. 

By accepting the Terms & Conditions of GetHealthBar, you allow us to collect the data from registration and accept our Privacy Policy. The data is only used for a few purposes, like:

  • Regular update via notifications
  • Maintain the service
  • Monitoring analysis of regular users
  • Prevent technical issues 
Your Rights:

We know the impotence of privacy, and we keep that confidential. Despite that, in case of any circumstances, you have rights related to confidentiality, including:

  • You are allowed to get a copy of your Personal Data
  • You can request to terminate of Personal Data we have about you
Changes in Our Privacy Policy:

GetHealthBar researches the right to modify or change this Privacy Policy and our services at any time. However, we will acknowledge you in case of any significant changes in our Policy on our website. And if you wish to continue our services after the privacy agreement changes, we are no longer responsible for continuing our previous Policy. Therefore, we advise our customers to check our Privacy Policy periodically. If you don’t accept our Terms and conditions while registration, then please feel free to exit our site immediately.