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What is Ambien

It is a drug pill which is well known by its brand name– Ambien. Also, it has a generic name which is Zolpidem. This drug medication is used to cure Insomnia. Sometimes it is tough to sleep at night because of life-issues, which can be resolved by the usage of such drug pills. It affects the chemicals of the brain, which are not stable and causing trouble. Such medication can help you sleep faster and longer.

Ambien Dosage

Ambien tablets dosage for men is 5mg or 10 mg once before you go to bed for sleeping. The Ambien dosage for women in the form of tablets is 5mg once in a day before taking sleep. Dosages for men and women are different because generally, women’s body is not tolerable for such healthy drug pills. Also, the dosages should not exceed more than 10mg for both genders. Sixty or above people can take 5mg once per day before going to sleep. The dosages for ER and CR capsules of Ambien generic is different from tablets. Therefore, the initial dosage of such capsules for women is 6.25 mg once in a day. Also, the same category for men is 6.25mg to 12.5mg once per day regularly. The maximum dosage of men in capsule forms should not increase more than 12.5mg per day Above all, the dosages can be changeable by the doctor among different people.

What is Ambien Used for

Ambien is used to treat the problem of Insomnia. The medication is consumable to resolve the problems of types of sleeping disorders. Moreover, in some rare cases, it can use to treat anxiety and panic disorders such as stress, depression, etc. However, in the above case, it is mandatory to take the prescription of a health care professional. It cannot be consumable with a meal or just after lunch, as it may not work correctly in such cases. In other words, such medicines are to take always before falling asleep or going to bed. Above all, the usage of such drugs should never increase for more than two weeks. Therefore, the usage of Ambien pills is generally for 1 to 2 weeks or less than that. Besides, consuming such medication during work time or if you do not sleep can cause memory loss. The medications are to take by mouth orally on an empty stomach as per the suggestion of your doctor. Ambien pills can also cause some of the withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking such drugs all of a sudden. Therefore, ask your doctor to lower the dosage of pills to avoid such withdrawal symptoms. Overdosage and misuse of this drug can ultimately lead to harmful results such as death, coma, or forever memory loss.

How to Take the Dosage of Ambien

The dosage of Ambien is to take with mouth orally as per the doctor’s guidance. Its over dosage will be extremely harmful to an individual. The dosage is to swallow with enough water, and other such things need to be avoidable. In other words, the medication is never to chew, lick, and dissolve with water for consumption. Always take the dosage with the particular measuring device, which generally comes with the medications. Never consume the drug with any other device or kitchen spoon.

How Long Does Ambien Stay in Our System

There are several ways or tests by which one can detect the Ambien stay in a human system. Some of these ways are blood tests, urine tests, and hair tests. It takes around 24-48 hours for this drug to vanish entirely from the human body as per the urine detection tests. Moreover, it takes around 6 to 20 hours for this drug to vanish entirely from the human system as per the blood detection tests. Besides, in the high dosage consumption, Ambien stays in a human body for around 72 hours. Also, it takes 48 hours in a high dosage for such pills to vanish from the human body completely. Above all, it will take around 3 to 4 days or maybe lessen to destroy Ambien’s effect from a human system.

Ambien Side Effects

  • Ambien’s side effects can be ordinary and severe, depending upon how one consumes such a prescription.
  • The most common side effect of such drugs is dizziness.
  • If in case, such dizziness persists for longer or worsens, then immediately talk to your doctor.
  • The medication may make you extremely sleepy even during the day time.
  • In the above case, ask your doctor to reduce the dosage gradually.
  • As per the analysis, very fewer people suffer from the severe side effects of these pills.
  • The common side effects are headache, drowsiness, muscle aches, runny nose, etc.
  • Besides, non-ordinary and severe side effects are high fever, racing heartbeat, trouble sleeping, irritation, chest pain etc.
  • However, if, in any case, any effect or symptom does not go with time or worsens, then immediately take medical help.

Long Term Effect of Ambien

  • Long term effects of such pills are allergy in the body if in case you take Ambien when you are already allergic to drugs.
  • If a person suffers from any respiratory disease such as asthma, then it can cause memory loss or death.
  • For pregnant women, this drug may make both the mother and infant a drug dependent.
  • An alcoholic person may lead to a result in coma or death after the overdosage of such drugs.

Ambien Abuse

Buying Ambien online requires a medical prescription for health care professionals. The above point is mandatory because many people buy it online for its misuse and abuse. As a result, the abuse and misuse of Ambien can cause severe harmful effects such as memory loss, coma, death, or respiratory depression.