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Percocet Overview-

Percocet is a combination medication of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen. And it is beneficial in the treatment of moderate to severe pain in people. Also, doctors give this combination to the patients when other medications do not relieve the pain

Moreover taking this medication for a long time without taking the prescription of a doctor can be addictive. And Percocet is an opioid. Hence many people use this medication as abuse. Therefore, to avoid the addiction you should take the medication after taking the prescription of a doctor.

Additionally, you can i buy Percocet online or you can get it from any nearby pharmacy after taking the doctor’s prescription.

Percocet is one of the popular prescription painkillers Its generic name is oxycodone/acetaminophen. Also, other common brand names involve Primlev, Roxicet, Endocet, and Xartemis XR. Percocet does not contain codeine.

How to use Percocet

There are easy steps to follow while practicing the pill that you should follow the druggist or doctor’s prescription. 

You can take Percocet tablets by mouth. And, citrus fruits like grapefruits should be avoided while using this pill because it may increase side effects

Percocet medications are also available in a liquid form, so you should carefully measure the amount to prevent overdose. 

Doctors will initially provide you the light dose then raise it with time to work efficiently with everyday symptoms. Hence, doctors suggest not suddenly stopping the medication. 

Before taking Percocet

Before taking this medicine, explain to your doctor, if:

  • Severe breathing problem
  • Stomach ache
  • Sleep apnea
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • urination problems
  • Gallbladder`
  • If you are pregnant and take oxycodone.
  • Do not breastfeed if you take Oxycodone because breast milk can cause drowsiness, breathing problems, or death.

what prevention should I follow while storing it?

There are a few guidelines for storing this medicine. Percocet comes in both a tablet form and a liquid form, so these two medications should be kept in a closed container. Room temperature is suitable to keep the medicine. The medicine should be kept away from heat and direct light, and moisture. Keep your children away from this medicine, and most importantly, don’t use the medicine if it expires.

Interaction of other medicine with Percocet

Percocet medicine can be used with other drugs as well. It may enhance the adverse effects or help to decrease them. If the interaction of two treatments won’t help, then ask the doctor. However, there are a few common medicines that can be used with Percocet.

  • Antibiotics like erythromycin
  • Anti Depression likes amitriptyline.
  • Antifungal such as ketoconazole 
  • Antipsychotics, and more.

Also, people must not use the mixture of medication by themselves as it may cause their well-being. So you should take it under the guidance of the doctor. In fact of any more inquiries, kindly talk us at this number available at side.

Percocet- Overview, doses, side effects, and overdoses.

Dosages of Percocet-

Doctors prescribe this medication according to the age, sex, and medical condition of the people. However, doctors prescribe 2.5mg to 10mg of Percocet as an initial dose for a young adult. But he can also prescribe higher doses according to the condition of the patients.

Overdose of Percocet

Many people don’t realize if they are taking medicine in an adequate amount or not. They think that the treatment can cure all the problems without showing any impact on the body. According to the research, there are many symptoms that indicate the overdosage of the medication. For example, Loss of consciousness, change in skin color, feeling of sleepiness, low Bp, shortness of breath, and illness sometimes. Thus, if anyone is handling all these symptoms, they should immediately ask the doctor.  

  • Percocet is an opioid. So, you should use this medication if you have to treat extreme pain. And Taking an overdose of this medication can be lethal to people. Hence you should not take higher doses of this medication. Therefore it would be best if you take the Percocet medicines as per the doctor’s instructions.

Side effects of Percocet-

There are some side effects of the Percocet. So below are listed some common side effects of this medication-

  • headache
  • dizziness,
  • drowsiness,
  • feeling tired,
  • feelings of extreme happiness or sadness,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • stomach pain,
  • constipation, and.
  • yellowing of skin or eyes (jaundice),
  • vomiting,
  • dizziness
  • Weakness, etc.

Also, Percocet can cause severe side effects like- unusual bleeding, trouble breathing, and swelling(in face/tongue/throat), etc. So, in this case, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible to get medical help.

how long does Percocet stay in your system-  

Percocet stays in the blood for almost 1 or 2 days. Additionally, it can be present in urine for around 48 hours and in hair for 2 to 3 months. However, the effect of this medication varies from person to person.

Where to buy Percocet online

Percocet is beneficial in the treatment of severe to moderate pain. And this medication is a controlled substance. So you can buy Percocet online after taking the prescription of your doctor. Also, if you want to order Percocet online, you can visit any online pharmacy to buy this medication. However, you can also buy it from any nearby pharmacy.


The generic anime of Percocet is Oxycodone-Acetaminophen. And it is a combination of an opioid pain reliever(oxycodone) and a non-opioid pain reliever(Acetaminophen). Hence this medication is beneficial in the treatment of severe pain. 

Also, it is a controlled substance. So people taking this medication for a very long period can form addiction and become dependent on this medication. Additionally, it can cause some side effects. Therefore it would be best if you take the Percocet medication after taking the doctor’s prescription. Also, you should follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid addiction and dependency on Percocet.

Therefore you can Purchase Percocet online or get it from any nearby drug store.

You can buy Percocet online and from the pharma store under the supervision of your doctor. Also, Percocet medications are available in a liquid form, so you should carefully measure the amount to prevent overdose. Doctors will originally deliver a Percocet of light dose then build it with time so that your body works perfectly with mild manifestations. Hence, doctors never suggest suddenly stopping the medication.