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“Methadone: Say bye to opioid dependency.”

What is methadone used for? 

Methadone exists in the well-known drug class known as an opioid narcotic with its different strengths. German doctors created it during the hard times of the second world war. Doctors used to give this medication to army forces to deal with severe pain due to injury or other troubles during the war. 

At present times, this medication is prescribed for the management of addiction towards opioids such as tramadol. Study proves that methadone is much safer other similar medicines if you operate the treatment under the guidelines. Hence, before reaching under the therapy, must take medical consultation to get suitable data. 

In other words, methadone functions to prevent withdrawal symptoms occurred by stopping other opioids’ consumption. Furthermore, discontinuing the usage of opioids may bring the opioid’s withdrawal, so this medication functions to control such effects.  

#Generic methadone and usage period- 

Methadone exists as the generic edition in the market, whereas dolphin is its brand name. But, both editions seem the same active in the mechanism rate. Additionally, both versions may vary in the prices. The difference in the prices takes place because of the availability of several pharmaceutical creators

No study proves that this medication is safe in the long term use. Therefore, use methadone as per the directions for a recommended period. If the situation takes place to increase the treatment duration, the doctor may do so. However, never increase treatment duration with self-perception as it can lead to methadone withdrawal. 

#Ways of consumption and approved age-

In general terms, this medication is taken in two different ways; by injection and orally. When the sufferer takes this medicine by mouth, it begins its effects within an hour and may survive up to 6 hours. And when a sufferer takes methadone dosage by injections, it begins its effects within 10 minutes and may last in the system for around 3 to 4 hours. 

Methadone is not safe in children younger than 18 years due to its potent properties. Thus, if you don’t meet to recommended age so avoid its consumption. This medication can lead to drastic results such as breathing problems, unconsciousness, and irregular heartbeat. Hence, meet the doctor to know about the therapies that are suitable as per your health factors.  

#Chemical configuration- 
  • Methadone belongs to the drug class known as opioid narcotic. Therefore, it begins its mechanism by blocking the receptors that are causing a craving for opioid consumption.
  • FDA classifies methadone and its all other subsets in the schedule 2 controlled substance. Therefore, it has a high potential for misusing. Hence, use it as per the directions and norms. To gather further information, you may contact your doctor.